Your #1 Wisconsin Online Weekend Getaway Guide!

Your #1 Wisconsin Online Weekend Getaway Guide!


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Merrill, Wisconsin

Merrill Ice Draggers
On Lake Alexander
Council Grounds State Park
N1895 Council Grounds Drive
Merrill, WI 54452-8563 

Phone: (715) 409-9493



We host the fastest 1/8th mile drag auto racing on ice in the world! 141.6 mph. & ET 5.431 Records! From "Rubber Tire" class to "Outlaw" class, we have racing for everyone! Just to let you know that we have excellent ice conditions here with clean access to the ice and spectator area. Boy Scouts will have their great food out there again also for all to enjoy. Please remember for everyone's safety no pets or alcohol are allowed in the pits. Hearing protection is recommended. We are always looking for an extra hand or more to help set-up and tear down!
Based on 26 years of experience designing and growing the greenhouse display gardens, we also offer landscape design and installation services.
Our mission is to bring an inspiring growing experience to all of our customers, while developing an increasingly natural and sustainable business that will serve future generations well.

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